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Resilient and Ready: Healthcare’s Impact in Emergency Preparedness

A Report Examining Trends in Healthcare and Public Health that are Strengthening Preparedness

With demands on healthcare continuing to increase and funding for preparedness and public health highly variable, Healthcare Ready is proud to research trends in healthcare that are strengthening preparedness and response. We are using this research to develop a report showcasing these trends – Resilient and Ready: Healthcare’s Impact in Emergency Preparedness. This report will share the emerging technologies, forward-leaning policy changes, innovations, and best practices we are seeing and hearing about from partners in the public and private sectors that are strengthening resilience.

Resilient and Ready will examine several different areas in healthcare and public health. In an effort to encourage conversation around the challenges and opportunities of each trend or innovation, we will be releasing issue briefs and shorter issue snapshots throughout the research process to convey critical information and considerations for the preparedness and response community.

The final report will be released in 2018 and cover the topics below.


Technologies to support healthcare delivery and education are evolving every day and revolutionizing patient care. Telehealth is on track to be a disruptive force in healthcare, bringing about major changes in the way care is provided. It also holds great potential for strengthening preparedness and increasing resilience.

Our issue brief on the topic, Telehealth's Applications for Preparedness and Response,  lays out what telehealth is, how it is being used in the lifecycle of natural disaster response and public health emergencies, and specific challenges and barriers.

Read more about how telehealth is being used in emergency preparedness and response by clicking on the images below.

This ‘snapshot’ of telehealth highlights how telehealth is being
used in emergency preparedness and response and outlines
key policy considerations.

Issue Brief: Telehealth's
Applications for Preparedness
and Response


Pharmacy has been incredibly active in preparedness and response in recent years, developing novel resources and establishing and expanding public-private partnerships.

Our issue brief, Pharmacy and Emergency Preparedness: A Landscape Analysis, summarizes persistent and emerging challenges in the field as well as highlights novel resources and partnerships.

Read more about how pharmacies and pharmacists are becoming indispensable to emergency preparedness and response below.

Pharmacy in Emergency
Preparedness and Response

Issue Brief: Pharmacy and
Emergency Preparedness:
A Landscape Analysis

As part of the research for this component, Healthcare Ready co-hosted a roundtable discussion event with HHS’s Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR). The event brought public officials and retail and community pharmacy owners and operators, payers, healthcare preparedness experts and other pharmacy stakeholders together to discussion innovations in the field and emerging and persistent challenges.

Healthcare Supply Chains
Coming soon

The supply chain is a vital component of healthcare and public health operations. Advances in technology have contributed to dramatic changes in supply chain operations, and changed how healthcare and public health interact with owners and operators in both routine operations and during disasters.

This component will examine and highlight changes and trends in supply chain operations that are increasing resilience and protecting community access to care.

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