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Healthcare Supply Chain

Healthcare Ready understands that the complexity of the healthcare supply chain is amplified during emergencies. We work with the private sector (manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers) to identify ways to strengthen the supply chain. We also convey the importance of the supply chain and key considerations to avoid delays in deliveries to the public sector.

Heroes of the Supply Chain

Heroes of the Supply Chain highlights the organizations, partnerships and leaders in the supply chain who play an integral role in meeting the most pressing patient needs across the country through stories and resources

Global Supply Chains

In a globalzing, increasingly interdependent world, Healthcare Ready considers the ways that supply chains differ, especially across countries (or even at the local level). Most notably, we completed an analysis of efforts to improve and navigate potential bottlenecks in the global supply chain across several countries.

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As part of a contract with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)'s Division of the Strategic National Stockpile, Healthcare Ready developed a series of webinar trainings on the pharmaceutical supply chain. The series included:

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During events

Healthcare Ready is ready to take action when a disaster has the potential to disrupt the normal flow of the medical supply chain. Healthcare Ready provides the essential tools for facilitating solutions in disasters, including:

  • Rapid access to the right contacts in government or the private sector
  • Trusted, protected communications channels to share and react to sensitive information
  • Reliable, tailored situation updates compiled from public and private sources
  • Subject matter expertise on policy and operational aspects of disaster response

When a disaster occurs, Healthcare Ready also activates the Rx Open map to help the public and emergency responders see where pharmacies are open and closed in the affected area.