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Patient access to medicine is critically important year-round, yet physical access to medicine is not always as straightforward as it may seem. From challenges faced along the supply chain to making sure inventory levels are understood and able to be adjusted, patients’ uninterrupted access to medicine is complex, and during times of disaster, all these problems are exacerbated.

Key Projects

International Supply Chain Innovations

In an effort to identify and showcase innovations and novel partnerships happening in supply chains across the world, Healthcare Ready analyzed supply chains in three different countries during normal operations and emergencies. Click on each image below to read about innovative solutions supply chain components are implementing in response to challenges they encounter.

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Training Series

Healthcare Ready partnered with the CDC’s Division of the Strategic National Stockpile to develop and deliver a series of trainings on the pharmaceutical supply chain for emergency managers and public health preparedness officials. These trainings helped emergency managers understand the importance of keeping the supply chain operational during an emergency (and what exactly that entails).

Ebola Response Guide for Pharmacists

During the height of the Ebola epidemic, Healthcare Ready developed job aides for US-based pharmacists on courses of action to take if a patient presented with symptoms indicating Ebola virus disease as well as best methods to partner with local health departments.

Pharmacy-based Text Messaging for Emergencies

In collaboration with the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO), Healthcare Ready researched the use of pharmacy-based mobile text messaging capabilities in the even of a public health emergency . Research activities included gathering information and highlighting obstacles identified by private sector implementers and policy experts working to identify solutions that would benefit patients during emergencies. This research effort culminated in a report exploring the feasibility of pharmacies sending mobile alerts during public health emergencies.

Medicines During Disasters

During times of disaster, Healthcare Ready provides vital assistance to healthcare and emergency managers alike to ensure uninterrupted access to medicines and healthcare. From helping secure and direct donations to the shelters with the greatest need, to ensuring delivery trucks are able to make it through police barriers on their way to hospitals or pharmacies, we stand ready to ”help the helpers.”

Highlights from our disaster response work include: