Healthcare Ready | Preparing for Disasters
Boardroom Disaster Preperation

Effective healthcare supply chains are central to ensuring continued access to healthcare to patients, but during a severe public health emergency potential interruption can occur at any point within this system. Our goal is to identify these breaks before or right after they occur and facilitate communications between the public and private sectors to create solutions. We accomplish this through:

  • Creating a forum to proactively solve the most pressing issues facing the healthcare supply chain during disasters
  • Maintaining an up-to-date library of members only resources
  • Championing positive policies that support supports community and economic resiliency
  • Working collaboratively with government agencies (local, state and federal) and industry partners to have relationships in place before a disaster strikes

Community Attitudes Towards Disasters

As America approaches hurricane and tornado season, Healthcare Ready conducted a survey through polling firm YouGov of 1,112 Americans designed to assess the American population’s greatest concerns regarding disasters, preparedness actions they take, and to which sources they turn to or trust the most for healthcare preparedness information.

Healthcare Ready analyzed results in an effort to determine how public attitudes and actions regarding disasters may impact healthcare.

The results from the survey show Americans understand the devastating impact a natural disaster can have on their communities, but it also shows weakness about how and where people will get their medical information in a disaster. 

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