Hurricane Michael

About Healthcare Ready

Healthcare Ready is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization supported by both public and private sector partners that works to ensure patient access to healthcare, including medicines, during times of disaster.

Healthcare Ready has activated its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to support healthcare and public health response operations to Hurricane Michael.

If you would like to request assistance from Healthcare Ready email us at or call (866-247-2694).

Support for Healthcare and Communities

Specific assistance includes:

  • Rapid access to the right contacts in the private sector or government
  • Coordination with federal, state and local officials, nonprofits and shelters to ensure coordination and assistance with access to medicine
  • Coordination with HHS, FEMA, state EOCs, and private sector companies
  • Assistance with donations to shelters
  • Facilitating access to healthcare facilities to ensure deliveries and personnel have access into restricted areas or with resuming operations
  • Sharing information and promoting the use of medicine assistance programs


Healthcare Ready Situation Reports:

#1: Wednesday, October 10, 2018 | #2: Thursday, October 11, 2018 | #3: Friday, October 12, 2018 | #4: Saturday, October 13, 2018 | #5: Sunday, October 14, 2018 | #6: Monday, October 15, 2018 | #7: Thursday, October 18, 2018 | #8: Monday, October 22, 2018



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Patient Resources

Emergency Prescription Assistance Program (EPAP) 

  • **NEWEPAP provides uninsured patients with prescriptions, vaccines, medical supplies, and medical equipment. This program has been activated for affected counties in Florida. See our blog for more information. 

Open pharmacies in the impacted regions:

  • Rx Open: A free map that displays the operating status of pharmacies in disaster-impacted areas.  

Keep track of your important medical information

  • Rx On the Run: A free tool to create a wallet-sized card with all of your important medical information in case of evacuation or emergency.

Learn about Emergency Refills and Insurance Coverage during a Disaster:

  • Michael - Meds: Learn about the laws in your state concerning emergency refills of medications and health insurance claims during Michael  

 Track Hurricane Michael: National Hurricane Center, The Weather Channel


State Resources


  • Emergency Declarations: Hurricane Michael Emergency Proclamation (amended as of 10/09)
  • Emergency Medication Refills: Florida pharmacists may dispense up to a 30-day refill of maintenance medication for patients in the areas or counties affected by an emergency declaration or hurricane warning (2018 Florida Statute 465.0275) See our Michael/Meds page, Florida section for more detailed information.
  • North West Florida: A separate information sheet with resources for survivors in North West FL. 
  • Curfew Notices:
    • Find up-to-date curfew orders for Florida at Florida SERT’s Hurricane Michael page.
    • Full Curfews:
      • Bay County: 8 pm - 7 am 
      • Calhoun County: dusk - dawn
      • Gadsden County: 10 pm - 6 am
    • Limited Curfews: 
      • Franklin County: sunset - sunrise
      • Gulf County: sunset - sunrise
      • Jackson County: dusk - dawn through Tues. October, 22
      • Liberty County
  • Boil Water Notices: See Florida Health's webpage for a full list of counties where the water needs to be boiled before use. 
  • Operation Blue Roof: Learn about the state program which provides temporary roof repair at no cost here. This program is available in the following counties:
    • Bay, Franklin, Gulf, Taylor, Wakulla, Calhoun, Liberty, Jackson, Gadsden, Holmes, Washington, Leon
    • Eligible homes include those with shingled roofs that have less than 50% structural damage. (metal roofs and mobile homes will be considered on a case-by-case basis)  
  • Business Re-entry: Florida Statewide Private Sector Re-Entry Program
  • Florida Medicaid Guidance for Patients:
    • The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration will ensure reimbursement for critical Medicaid services that are provided in good faith to eligible recipients who reside in the counties impacted by Hurricane Michael.
  • Florida Medicaid Guidance for Providers:
    • The Agency will waive all prior authorization requirements for critical Medicaid services during the disaster period.
      • Early prescription refill edits have been lifted for all maintenance medications (this does not apply to controlled substances).
    • If a recipient requires critical Medicaid services beyond limits stated in policy in order to maintain safety and health, providers can furnish the service.  
    • For providers furnishing critical Medicaid services out of state, we encourage you to provide needed services to any Florida Medicaid recipient who has been displaced.
    • All Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) processes may be postponed until further notice by the Agency.
      • Retroactively performed screenings or resident reviews must document the reason for the delay in the completion of PASRR requirements. 
      • The PASRR process is waived for recipients who were evacuated due to an evacuation order or power outage and were admitted and discharged during the storm.
    • Medicaid transportation services:
      • Medicaid transportation providers are continuing to provide transportation to critical medical services, such as chemotherapy and dialysis and inter-facility transfers, when the facilities providing those services remain available and when the safety of the recipient and the driver can be assured. 
      • As evacuations occur and Hurricane Michael moves closer to Florida, Medicaid transportation providers are making county by county assessments regarding the availability of providers and their ability to ensure safety.  
    • Out-of-state or non-Medicaid providers:
      • For reimbursement purposes, the Agency will expedite enrollment for out-of-state on a provisional (temporary) basis after critical Medicaid services are rendered. The process for provisional provider enrollment is located at
      • All out-of-state providers wishing to provide critical Medicaid services should provide services. Pharmacies needing to immediately dispense prescription refills to displaced Florida Medicaid recipients should dispense the prescriptions and follow the provisional enrollment process.


  • Emergency Declarations: Hurricane Michael Emergency Proclamation (10/08)
  • Emergency Medication Refills: In the event a pharmacist receives a request for a prescription refill and the pharmacist is unable to readily obtain refill authorization from the prescriber, the pharmacist may dispense a one-time emergency refill of up to a 72-hour supply of the prescribed medication.
  • Business Re-entry: Alabama has no formal re-entry program. The State Emergency Operations Center will coordinate with local authorities as needed.



  • Emergency Declarations: Hurricane Michael Emergency Proclamation (10/09)
  • Emergency Medication Refills: Under a state of emergency, “a pharmacist may dispense a 72-hour refill supply of a prescription drug repeatedly to a patient, but in total not more than a thirty (30) day supply, without practitioner authorization.”
  • Business Re-entry: Georgia Business Re-entry Registration
  • South West Georgia: a separate information sheet with resources for survivors in South West GA



  • Emergency Medication Refills: A pharmacist may dispense a one-time emergency prescription of up to a 72-hour supply of a prescribed medication in an emergency situation.
  • Business Re-entry Registration: Mississippi Emergency Access Program (MEAP)


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