Hurricane Maria

Residents navigate flooded streets in devastated Puerto Rico.
Photo credit: Carl Juste, Miami Herald

About Healthcare Ready

Healthcare Ready is a non-profit supported by both public and private sector partners that works to ensure patient access to healthcare, including medicines, during times of disaster.

Healthcare Ready has activated its virtual Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to support healthcare and public health response operations to Hurricane Maria.

If you would like to request assistance from Healthcare Ready email us at or call (866-247-2694). 

Media Inquiries: Please email 


Support for Healthcare and Communities

Specific assistance includes:

  • Rapid access to the right contacts in the private sector or government
  • Coordination with federal, state and local officials, nonprofits and shelters to ensure coordination and assistance with access to medicine
  • Coordination with HHS, FEMA, state EOCs, and private sector companies
  • Assistance with donations to shelters
  • Facilitating access to healthcare facilities to ensure deliveries and personnel have access into restricted areas or with resuming operations
  • Sharing information and promoting the use of medicine assistance programs 

Situation Resources

Healthcare Ready Situation Reports: Wednesday 9/20 | Thursday 9/21 | Friday 9/22 | Saturday 9/23 | Sunday 9/24 | Monday 9/25 | Tuesday 9/26 | Wednesday 9/27 | Thursday 9/28 | Friday 9/29 | Saturday 9/30 | Sunday 10/1 | Tuesday 10/3 | Thursday 10/5 | Monday 10/9 | Wednesday 10/11

Partner Situation Reports (Sit Reps) and Resources

Rx Open

  • Rx Open: A free map that displays the operating status of pharmacies in disaster-impacted areas.