Healthcare Ready | During Disasters
During a Disaster

Healthcare Ready is ready to take action when a disaster has the potential to disrupt the normal flow of the medical supply chain. Healthcare Ready provides the essential tools for facilitating solutions in disasters, including:

  • Rapid access to the right contacts in government or the private sector
  • Trusted, protected communications channels to share and react to sensitive information
  • Reliable, tailored situation updates compiled from public and private sources
  • Subject matter expertise on policy and operational aspects of disaster response

When a disaster occurs, Healthcare Ready also activates Rx Open maps to help the public and emergency responders see where pharmacies are open and closed in the affected area.

When Healthcare Ready Activates

Healthcare Ready's planning and response activities focus on threats to healthcare supply chains that could arise during or following a major natural disaster, pandemic or act of terrorism. Healthcare Ready also monitors international disasters that may affect the delivery of critical medicines in the United States.

While normal healthcare supply chains have proven to be very resilient in disasters, Healthcare Ready stands ready to activate whenever there is a potential wide-spread impact. Activation is determined on a case-by-case basis with consideration given to whether a disaster triggers any of the criteria below:

  • Disaster declaration by a Governor or the President
  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Threat Advisory Red/Severe Classification
  • Health and well-being of a significant number of persons is materially threatened or affected
  • Local, regional, national, or global healthcare infrastructure is significantly compromised
  • The underlying disaster dynamics are not quickly or simply resolved (e.g. within several days or through normal business practices by individual companies)
  • Other situations warranting a response as determined by the respective Healthcare Ready member decision-making bodies