Rx Response Becomes Healthcare Ready

Rx Response Becomes Healthcare Ready

August 7, 2015

August 7, 2015 - I’m excited to announce that as of today, Rx Response will be changing its name to Healthcare Ready. We’ve spent nearly 9 years as Rx Response and are proud to have helped protect patients’ continued access to medicines in more than 55 different disasters.

Why the name change? Since our beginning we’ve been at the nexus of public health and the pharmaceutical supply chain. However, over the past few years we’ve increasingly been approached for assistance in areas of healthcare outside of medicines and pharmacy. Our experience in these areas illustrated for us the need to better coordinate the broader healthcare system and the public sector both during disasters, and more importantly, to build resiliency into our daily activities so we’re all stronger and communities are better protected.

So as Healthcare Ready we’ll be taking on more policy projects at the local, state and federal levels to do just that, but we’ll remain on call to coordinate during disasters and to help keep the critical healthcare infrastructure running smoothly. We will also continue to provide the Rx Open map so you can see open pharmacies in disaster affected areas. Our focus remains solidly on where it matters: patient health and community resiliency.

Stay tuned over the next few months as we announce several new programs and partners reflecting our expanded scope. And reach out to discuss your priorities; Healthcare Ready wants to be your preparedness, response and resiliency partner and continue to serve at the nexus of public and private sector preparedness.

Visit our new website at www.HealthcareReady.org to learn more.

Emily Lord

Emily Lord is the Executive Director of Healthcare Ready. She provides strategic guidance and oversight to programs that build community health resilience in times of disaster or pandemic outbreaks. This includes creating partnerships with the private-sector medical supply chain, as well as public health NGOs and local, state and federal government agencies. Emily has led Healthcare Ready through multiple natural disasters including Hurricane Sandy.