Ready, Set, Prep! for Hurricane Lane

Ready, Set, Prep! for Hurricane Lane

August 22, 2018

August 22, 2018 – For the first time in 26 years a Category 4 hurricane, Lane, will pass over the main Hawaiian islands. Damaging winds and heavy rain are predicted to begin affecting residents tomorrow afternoon, Thursday the 23rd. Healthcare Ready is at ENGAGED status and stands ready to assist private healthcare stakeholders, local, state, and  Federal response agencies, and patients in preparing for and responding to this disaster.  

Healthcare Ready will remain in close coordination with government agencies, private healthcare organizations, and the community until the conditions in Hawaii have stabilized, in addition to monitoring any damages in the state. Our main goal during times of disaster is to ensure the necessary healthcare and disaster response information reaches those who need it, when they need it, particularly as it relates to the supply chain.

Individuals should take care to collect as much information about their own situation as possible to facilitate this ease of communication. Patients in Hawaii should use today to contact their healthcare providers to discuss how to manage their prescriptions, medical equipment, and regimens during the disaster, if they do not know already. It is also important to ensure that you have an emergency supply of medications and medical equipment (such as oxygen, device batteries, equipment for daily feeding/toileting needs, etc.). A copy of your most important medical information should also be kept close at hand in case you need emergency care. Go to Healthcare Ready’s easy-to-use online form, Rx on the Run, for a wallet-sized card with all your necessary medical information; just fill in the boxes and print.   

Federal and local response agencies provide valuable assistance, but we encourage all Hawaiians to stock or create an emergency kit that will last 2 weeks to allow those agencies as much availability as possible. This kit should include enough food, water, first aid, medication, clothing, hygiene items, and medication for each person and pet in your family or group. It should also include a way to receive updates (which will need extra batteries or a way to charge it without a wall socket).  

We will be providing real-time updates, hurricane preparedness tips, and as always, sharing resources and tips on how to prepare for, stay healthy, and begin recovering from a disaster on our website.

Healthcare Ready Resources

  • Twitter- find real time updates and tips on how to prepare for the storm
  • Facebook- find the link to the tracker for hurricane Lane as well as tips on how to prepare for the storm
  • Healthcare Ready website- find resources to prepare for and begin recovering from disasters
    • Rx Open- view a map of open pharmacies to learn where you can go to get your medications during the disaster
    • Rx On the Run- use this easy-to-fill out form to create a printable card with all of the important prescription and health information for you and your loved ones

Local Resources

  • Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (EMA) Twitter- find updates and alerts
  • Oahu Dept. of Emergency Management (DEM) Twitter- track Lane, find updates and alerts
  • HNL Info App (Android & Apple)- receive weather, emergency, and city updates for Honolulu
    • You can also register to get email or SMS alerts here
  • Radio Stations (the first two have generators to operate during power outages):
    • KSSK AM 590 / FM 92.3
    • KNDI AM 1270 (to include: Ilocano, Tagalog, Hispanic, Cantonese, Mandarin, Laotian, Okinawan, Vietnamese, Samoan, Tongan, Marshallese, Chuukese, Pohnpeian, and English)
    • KZOO AM 1210 (Japanese)
    • KREA AM 1540 (Korean)

The Hawaii EMA encourages all residents who do NOT live in an established tsunami evacuation zones or in any announced evacuation zones to take shelter in a safe room in their homes. Available shelters will be announced on the TV/radio as they open, and should be used only if necessary. If you or a loved one require life-sustaining services or equipment (such as oxygen, insulin, etc.) you must bring any equipment yourself; if you cannot independently manage your life-sustaining equipment, medication, or self-care you must travel with a caregiver.  

Healthcare Ready continues to closely coordinate with relief organizations, local officials, and our Federal partners, including HHS and FEMA, to provide support and track healthcare operations issues in real-time. If you are seeing potential healthcare disruptions, or need information, please email or call 866-247-2694.

Adrienne Baez

Adrienne is an experienced advocate for vulnerable populations at both the grassroots and policy level. Her most recent work has involved creating and sharing research used to inform policy and community stakeholders about the changing needs of minority communities. As an active member of several advocacy communities, she has been invited by non-profit organizations to speak on self-preparedness, health-education, and youth independence. Trained as a behavioral researcher, her area of focus was the connection between patient communities and healthcare providers. She has worked as a project research associate for various non-profit organizations and the department of defense.