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We are activated for Hurricane Maria and remain engaged for Harvey and Irma recovery efforts. Help us protect patients by donating here.


September 16th 2017
Responding to Patients Requests for Assistance

When a disaster strikes any area, people mainly concern themselves with the physical hazards to healthcare during the event. Many tend to overlook the obstacles that patients face after the storm has passed. A hurricane as devastating as the ones we have seen recently can destroy the healthcare system in a community in many ways. Flooding and damaged infrastructure can delay or prev...

September 13th 2017
A New Outlook on Preparedness

September 13, 2017 - As a public health advocate, I am always eager to assist patients and providers in their preparedness and relief efforts. Recent weather events in the Atlantic allowed me to utilize the skills I have obtained while being at Healthcare Ready for the first time. Shortly after Hurricane Harvey brought (more)